Sundial Theatre Equipment List


Sound desk

  • Soundcraft GB4 – 32 microphone channel, 2 stereo channel mixer.
  • Soundcraft MFX – 24 microphone channel, 2 stereo channel mixer (Built in lexicon FX unit)

Main system

  • 4x Martin Audio Blackline F15, 400w
  • 2x Martin Audio Blackline S15, 750w
  • 8x JBL control One Pro, 150w sound reinforcement speakers


  • 2x Mackie SRM 450w active monitors
  • 2x JBL Control One Pro, 150w control room monitors
  • 2x JBL Eon 1500, 225w stage monitors


  • 2x QSC 3000w amplifiers (front of house main speakers)
  • 2x Sampson Servo 300 amplifiers (Sound reinforcement)
  • Sampson 85w amplifier (Control room monitors)
  • DB technologies MPA 1004, 1000w (JBL Stage monitors)


  • Martin Blackline M3 System controller
  • DOD SR231 QX 2 channel graphic EQ
  • Samson stero compressors


  • Denon DN400, dual cd player
  • Sony MDS JE 640, single minidisk player
  • Panasonic RV32, dvd player


  • 3x Shure SM58 (Vocal Microphone)
  • 1x Shure SM57 (multi purpose instrument microphone)
  • 8x AKG WMS 4000, wireless microphone System (8x head Microphones)

Di Boxes

  • 3x LD systems LDI 02

Audio Cable

  • 10x 5m XLR
  • 10x 10m XLR
  • 4x 20m XLR
  • 2x 3m ¼ inch jack.

Stage Drapes

  • A selection of black and gauze tabs are available, please contact for more information and your requirements.

Stage communication system

  • ASL basic series BS216 dual channel control unit
  • 6 ASL beltpacks with microphone sets.



  • Chamsys Maxi Wing
  • Zero 88 Fat Frog


  • 13x strand Cantata F 1200w Fresnel’s (including Barndoors)
  • 11x CCT 1200w Fresnel’s (including barndoors)


  • 12x CP62 Par 64


  • 2x Strand Cantata F 1200w PC (including barndoors)


  • 2x Strand SL 26 degrees
  • 1x Strand SL 36 degrees
  • 2x strand SL 50 degrees
  • 2x Strand SL 15-32 degrees

Follow Spots

  • 2x Selecon Pacific 1200w follow spots

Automated Fixtures

  • 2x DTS XR9 575w spot
  • 4x Robe 250AT wash
  • 4x Robe ColorWash 750AT Tungsten


  • A selection of 13, 15, and 16amp cable is available please enquire with your needs
  • A selection of DMX data Cable is also available, please enquire



Please Note: use of some equipment will incur extra charges. Contact Joe Beardsmore for more information

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